Sunday, February 12, 2012

Football Valentine Cookies

If you have ever checked out my Pinterest boards, I have an entire board dedicated to football-themed cakes and cookies.  I can bake and cook, but decorated cakes and cookies have never been my forte, I'm more of the admire it and buy it from a bakery kind of gal.  My son's birthday at the end of January also came with a request for football cookies for his friends at school.  I told him, "Sure!  I'll call and order some." No..he really wanted ME to make them.  I can usually talk my boys out of these things, but I have some guilt doing so this time around.  We are in the process of moving to a new city (a coaching change!)  and Daddy is already living and working there.  In situations such as these, the mothering instinct--although stretched-- is in full-effect trying to keep normalcy in our lives.  
Me decorating cookies is not normalcy, but my son wanting his Mama to make cookies for his class is.  I have attempted decorated cookies before...completely delicious and completely ugly.  Not to mention time-consuming and stressful.  

So, I made the cookies with our football cookie cutter.  It has an imprint, so you can actually make the cookies look like footballs without decorating them.  I showed those to him after I baked them while he was at school.  He said he really liked them but wanted them to look like the decorated cookies we buy at Upper Crust..."with brown on them and white lines".  I contemplated calling Upper Crust and passing them off to him as my own work.  I decided to take the honest route and attempt the decorating.  I knew he would see them and either pass the ugly ones out at school with pride (since me making them was so important to him this time around) or he would ask me to call the bakery and order "cooler" looking footballs.

 It had been a really busy, stressful couple of days, but I fit in the cookies...

...and they were actually delicious AND cute.  These little cookies surprised me and made my day!  For some reason, I got the icing just right this time.  It tasted good, it hardened perfectly and stayed glossy.  My friend thought I bought them at Upper Crust.  The kindergarten teachers wanted to know where I bought them.  I assured everyone that cookies that look like this are not my normal.  But I guess they better become that way, because my older son has asked for heart-shaped football cookies for his 1st grade class for Valentines Day. Goodness.  I found this picture online on Flickr, and I will attempt these.

Football heart cookies

...or these..
(Nanny's Sugar cookies are order-able and ship-pable...I should have planned ahead!)

What did I get myself into??  Wish me luck!