Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gameday Cupcakes

If you didn't get to travel to a BCS bowl game, you are watching some football on TV this week and just might be in the mood for some cute cupcakes.  Bowl season is a perfect season for these confections  because elaborate cupcakes like these are a little more comfortable at a home party than being transported with the tailgate gear.  

These fun confections are at a fun blog...www.hostessblog.com
Southern Living is ready for the National Championship game with these cuties...
Click on the photo to "geaux" to the recipe.
I like Southern Living's game plan for these...
these are bakery-made Red Velvets with your own homemade pennants.
No doubt that TideFan Fare blog's writer and Southern Living Test Kitchens Director, Rebecca Gordon is behind this Bama effort!

A cupcake pull-apart from the Betty Crocker website

This cupcake is complete with its own peanut butter
and chocolate truffle....
The sweet footballs on these are made from Tootsie Rolls.  
They are over at minibakercupcakes.blogspot.com

Don't forget team-themed cupcake papers Gameday Style blogged about in September's Rah Rah Cupcakes post.  

And for some super inspiration, re-check out this October post from Gameday Style.