Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's & Gameday Recipes In Good Taste

I stumbled upon a fun blog and fantastic recipe resource, In Good Taste by Maris Callahan.  

It is a food blog targeted toward young professionals with contemporary and delicious food ideas.  Gameday Style is especially intrigued by Ms. Callahan's comprehensive guide to gameday recipes.  She confesses to not being a big football fan, but is a big fan of the food involved.  That's just fine...she loves gameday food and parties so she has some gameday style!  While she visits the occasional tailgate, the mainstay of her football partying occurs in homes.  I felt it highly applicable to include her collection of recipes to serve you for any casual at-home New Year's parties and gameday parties you might be attending or hosting.  

Here is the link to the guide...

And here are a few of my favorite recipes from it...

A modern take on snack mix, using brown butter and garlic.  Maris found this at

My husband and I love recipes that use brown (also called browned) butter.  If you haven't tried brown butter, you really need to.  Our favorite way to use it was for making Brown Butter-Sage sauce for pasta, until now.  This snack mix is a majorly different twist for using brown butter!  Read on for Maris' own recipe for using brown brownies!

You will LOVE these special brownies.
(I made mine with toasted pecans.)

I have been contemplating working really hard to document what I put in my chili.  The problem is is that I make it differently every time.  We really like Mexican mole (sauce) at our house and I do my best to replicate that flavor in my chili.  To do that,  I always add some dark beer and dark chocolate.  Maris has shared a chili recipe from Aggie's Kitchen  and after reading the long list of ingredients, it is most similar to the kind of chili we like at our house.  Don't be intimidated by the long is all so very worth it.  I love Aggie's addition of grilled corn.