Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gameday Shoes, early in the season edition

Cuteness, comfort, coolness...the 3 Cs of choosing the perfect shoes for Gameday.  For September games, flat sandals or wedges are always appropriate.   Here is a collection of the most comfortable shoes possible to wear to your early in the season Gameday festivities, while keeping it stylish too.  These are also solutions if you'd like to start the day completely sacrificing comfort for the perfect-o shoes.  Just throw a pair of these selections into your car or bag to put on when your other shoes start to pinch....

Purple and gold aren't your only choice.  These classics are coming in difficult to find color combinations in the Jack Rogers Collegiate Collection.  Navy and orange?  check.  Garnet and gold? check. Orange and black? yup! 
Or you can go with basic black.

You would not believe how comfortable these are.   Many styles have a bottom that kind of resembles a tennis shoe.  I regret saying that because it is misleading.  Take a look yourself.  These are good for gals who prefer a little heel and my preference are their simpler styles. I promise these are super flattering and the most comfortable cuteness on a wedge that you can have on your feet.  And I promise you'll see a bunch of Volatiles at our tailgates!  

These Tory Burch sandals have such a composed, but laid back vibe.  Love these patent Square Miller Sandals.

Or try a pair of Thora flip flops.  I don't like to be too logo-ed, but I am partial to's really close to my monogram.

And then, don't forget about maybe throwing in some beloved, broken-in Rainbows into your bag--- just in case.

School logo on the tag Rainbows

School colors Rainbows

I love the super relaxed look (not to mention foot relief) that Rainbows can add to an outfit at just the right moment during Gameday.

As always, girls, it'd be great to hear some favorites of your own in the Comments.