Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bloody Mary in my school colors? Yes, please!

Leave it to Martha (Martha Stewart Living August 2011) to come up with recipes for Bloody Marys, a tailgate classic, in various colors. The various colored tomatoes used in these are actually in season during the first few weeks of football season.  Maybe one of these fits in with your colors!

Brilliant for tailgates! Stays colder longer because it's somewhat frozen.

Postscript: See that fantastic garnish above...the lemon slice and pickled okra one?  He is very cute!  Pickled okra is a staple at my house and at my tailgate.  I buy delicious pickled okra in a giant jar at the warehouse club.  I pickled okra once and the $3.88 jar is much tastier and much easier.  But because of that one batch of pickled okra I made, I can't convince one of my husband's co-workers that I don't make the okra he loves that we always have at our house.  Oh, well!  Go to your "club" (that would be warehouse club...not country club..hee hee) and get some yourself.  You can impress your guests by telling them they are yours (they ARE yours. you paid good money for them, didn't you?) or that they're from the "club".